Application Steps

-  Hendry Home Mortgage, LLC  –

Outline of steps from application to funding.

1.  Gather the checklist items, and fax or email directly to your loan officer, who will advise immediately upon receipt.

2.  To expedite your application, complete the “complete secure 1003 application” under the “apply now” link at Most customers have indicated that the full application takes about 20 minutes to complete.

****TIP TO SAVE TIME – pass through the section that asks about “borrower assets” and “borrower liabilities” by clicking “next”. Your loan officer will complete these sections upon receipt of your checklist items.

2b.  If you prefer, gather and send the checklist items as noted above. Then call your loan officer, and they will complete the application with you on the phone. This way may cause a minor delay as schedules can conflict.

Upon receipt and review of your checklist items and completed application, the federally required disclosures will be sent to you via the email address that you have provided.

3.  Sign, date, and initial the disclosures where indicated, and return to your loan officer via fax, email or our business address. Remember, the disclosures are not locking in any specific terms. You will decide the final structure (ie rate and terms) upon a conditional formal underwriting approval.

4.  Upon completion of #’s 1-3, your application is now complete. Your loan officer will submit to underwriting for review. It is possible that the underwriter will ask for additional documentation prior to issuing the conditional approval.

5.  Loan decision. When your application is “conditionally approved”, your loan officer  will contact you to discuss the conditions and your options relative to rate and terms.

6.  Satisfy the conditions per the approval and be “cleared to close”.

7.  Loan documents will be sent to the title company, and we will arrange the signing.

8.  Signed loan documents will be sent to the funding department.

9.  Satisfy any remaining “prior to funding conditions”. The funds for your new mortgage are wired to the title company, and your deed of trust records. Congratulations and thank you for using Hendry Home Mortgage!