Checklist for Underwriting Approval

  1. If applicable, if any borrower is a w-2 “wage earner”, need all paystubs in the last 30 days, and all w-2’s in 2010 and 2011 for all jobs.
  2. Complete Tax Returns for 2009, 2010 (or 2011 if filed, and 2010). Applies if self employed, retired or any income is commission. Also applies if you own any additional real estate, other than your primary residence. If you own rental property, also include rental agreement(s).
  3. If Social Security Income, please provide 2010-2011 1099’s, most recent award letter, and all pages of most recent bank statements (last 2) to verify auto deposit.
  4. If Pension Income, need 2010-2011 1099’s and most recent award letter, and all pages of most recent bank statements (last 2) to verify auto deposit.
  5. If any income is retirement distribution (example IRA) document the income, as well as providing all pages of the most recent statement that indicates that the asset has enough value to continue for a minimum of 36 additional months.
  6. Document any other additional, applicable income
  7. All pages of most recent statement(s) for any of the following that is applicable – checking (last 2 months), savings (last 2 months), stocks, CD’s, 401K etc.
  8. Homeowners insurance agents name and telephone #.
  9. Recent mortgage statement(s).
  10. Legible copy of drivers license or state issued ID for all borrowers.

Please advise when you have the applicable items together, or the most that you can easily gather. I would be glad to pick them up from you, or you are welcome to drop them by my office. However, most people prefer to simply fax them to my toll free number noted above. It will be necessary that upon my completion of my initial processing, my loan processor will contact you, requesting that you sign the federally required disclosures. Please note that we are not able to lock in the interest rate, and
are subject to market fluctuations until a complete application is received. I am always available via my mobile and office #’s noted above, as well as text, fax or email. I am
confident that you will be thrilled with the service and product that you receive from Hendry Home Mortgage, LLC

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